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HBF fights hard for the rights of the homebuyer. With housebuilding at its lowest level since the First World War, due to a restrictive planning regime, HBF has led the way in challenging Government to make a its aim of a "decent home for all" a reality.

HBF also works to ensure our members are allowed to build the types of home you, the homebuyer, wants to live in. We are at the forefront of all major housing issues, from improving the design and energy-efficiency of new homes to ensuring new home buyers receive the best service and consumer protection.

The green initiative

HBF has for 15 years organised the greenleaf awards in conjunction with the Daily Mail and key partners. Developments that are awarded are some of the best examples of the role that the landscape plays in successful new housing and clearly show that the developer has taken the time to consider the landscape when building a new home.

To follow on from this the greenleaf standard was launched in May 2002 to enable developers to register their commitment to the greenleaf principles at pre construction stage, so that the site will then go on to be entered for a greenleaf award three years after it has been completed. If you have seen sites with the greenleaf standard flag flying then the site in question is part of the initiative.

The greenleaf standard is managed by both NHMB and Zurich dependent on who the warranty provider is for the site and inspectors go round on a regular basis to ensure that the site is maintaining the standards expected by the greenleaf standard.




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